Do Natural Treatments For Allergies Work?

If you suffer from allergies there are times when they are better and sometimes worse. For tree pollen sufferers the change from winter to spring is a mixed bag of delight and misery. For ragweed sufferers high summer can be hell.

The idea that allergies can be managed without synthetic drugs is alluring; no one wants to take drugs all the time. But is it really realistic?

the body’s natural response

You react naturally to allergens. You sneeze them out, you wash them away with tears. Your breathing system shuts down to stop them getting in. The concept behind an allergy support supplement is to support the body’s natural responses by the use of vitamins, minerals and herbs which are known for their anti-allergic properties.

reactions and the immune system

An allergic reaction is a violent reaction to something like pollen or animal dander. Suppressing the immune system to deal with this, especially over the long term does not make sense. This is where a supplement may come in

as an adjunct

Some sufferers know there are times when they can manage the symptom and other times when they need help. A supplement may help build up resistance over a longer period, so that when the allergen is in season its effect is not quite so potent.

theory is great

The theory sounds good doesn’t it? But when your eyes are itching and there’s no relief other than a nasal spray or eye drops, it is hard to choose a natural supplement.

allergy support supplement

sufferer knows what works

Unless the sufferer is a child, they will tend to know what helps. If you don’t suffer, it’s hard to understand what they go through but please the person with allergies some slack.